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Teen chat avenue is where all the teens hang out, chill, and talk with other youths online for free in our teen chat message boards.

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Teen Chat Rules

This teen forum is free. No registration is required.

You agree to be 13 to 19 years of age.

No graphic language or vulgar language allowed.

Do not post phone numbers, emails or instant messaging I.Ds

Report anything suspecious to a moderator or admin righ away.

Do not flood the chat room in any way. You will be banned.

Harassment is prohibited here.

No descrimination or racism allowed here.

Nudity on webcam is not allowed.

moderators can not be online moderating all the time.

Do not give out any personal information.

Do not advertise other chat sites or post links, you will be banned from the room.

Do not try to hack or break our chat rooms in any way.

PERMANENT bans are placed to users who try to exploit or hack our chatrooms.

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